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Ohio Professional License Defense - Investigation to Litigation

If you are under investigation or your professional license is threatened with discipline, suspension or revocation, seeking legal representation is extremely important. Our firm has vast experience in defending professionals against state board and regulatory agency actions. We understand how hard you worked to obtain your license, and we can take steps to protect your livelihood.

Assistance for Professionals with Substance Abuse Concerns


​When you possess a professional license, seeking help for issues with alcohol or drug use comes with a unique set of challenges.  It is important for you to be able to obtain treatment for a substance use problem while preserving your livelihood.  We have represented many professionals who find themselves in such a position, whether they are being investigated by their regulatory board, have been arrested for DUI, or have just decided to seek help voluntarily.  We can help you navigate the system in a way that allows you to both get the help you are seeking and minimize damage to your career.

Professional Contracts


If you're thinking of bringing on a new associate or employee or if you are forming a practice partnership, we can help with all the legal aspects of the relationship.  We draft and review all types of practice and business contracts.  Our goal is to make sure each party knows their entitlements and their obligations so the chance for a later dispute is minimized.

We also handle any disputes or litigation that may arise from previously entered contracts or agreements.  If you want out of an unfair contract, or if you feel someone has breached a contract with you, please contact us.  We're experienced in finding solutions.

Professional Practice Consultation
Our firm offers advice and consultation on a wide variety of professional practice matters. Whether is it employment issues, liability or regulatory risk management, or purely business matters, we can offer solutions that are the best fit for your and your practice.

Professional Practice Business Transactions

We have represented many professionals, both buyers and sellers, in the purchase of a professional practice. Our firm drafts and reviews documents necessary for any practice transaction whether the entire practice is being sold or just a portion.  It is important that a buy/sell agreement be clear and that any potential problems are identified prior to closing.  We can assist you in virtually any aspect of these transactions, making it much less likely that you will experience complications or delays.


Representation in Credentialing Matters & Insurance Audits

Issues regarding insurance and third-party payers can have a significant impact on your professional practice. We have extensive experience handling both negative actions by insurance companies, whether an audit or a termination of your provider participation agreement.

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